Explorer's 0-3 Room

The Explorer's room is full of lots of exploration and the educators work tirelessly in planning experiences and supporting the children to meet the many milestones that are met during the first 2 years of life.

We aim to make the transition from home to the childcare setting as smooth as possible and we do this through families documenting their own childs routine and the educators follow this as closely as possible.


Discoverer's 3-5 Room

Our days are very busy in the Discoverer's room and the children enjoy engaging in a range of free play and teacher initiated  experiences and grouptimes.

The children are seperated frequently through out the day into the age age groups 3-4 years and 4-5 years so that the edcautors can plan more age/ stage appropriate experiences.

Some of the the daily grouptimes that we offer are music and movement, language and literacy, munch and move and school readiness