School Readiness Program

At Kids @ Little School we believe that school readiness begins in the Explorer's 0-2 room.

School readiness is achieved through enabling the children to develop in key areas such as, numeracy, literacy and self help skills. We ensure that all the chidlren build strong attachments with their educators first, and then we support the development of positve relationships amongst the children, which helps to support self esteem development. When children develop their self esteem this aids with the smooth transition from the childcare setting to the formal school environment.

When the children reach the Discoverer's 3-5 years room this is where we fine tune the childrens skills so that we are setting them up for the best possible start to formal school. We achieve this through providing experiences on all areas of development

• cognitive

• language

• Social and Emotional 

• Self Help

• Physical 

As the end of the year approaches we step up our school readiness and allow the children to engage in school readiness experiences such as lunch box week, dress ups involving school uniforms. We also do an excursion to a local school so the children are exposed to the school environment.


If you have any other questions in regards to our school readiness program please do not hesitate to contact us.